2018 Photo Gallery

Do you have pictures of CT Football that you would like to share? We would love them! Email your submissions to Sarah at committeechair@ctfootball.org. Thank you!

Feel free to download and share, but as a courtesy, leave watermarks intact and give credit to photographers. More photos can be found on the Facebook pages for Aurora Sentinel Preps, Mountaindog Photography and Sarah L. Coleman Photography.

8/23/18 Cherokee Trail @Rock Canyon: 26-9 (W)

8/25/18 Freshman vs. Rock Canyon: 12-6 (W); JV vs. Rock Canyon (need score)

JV vs. Rock Canyon 42-24, final score

CT Freshman vs. Rock Canyon 12-6, final score

Longmont Scrimmage- August 2018

August 2018 Practice and Parent Meeting

Football Camp Scrimmage 2018, JV/Varsity.

Great job, and keep up the good work!

CT Football Scrimmage, 7/28/18. Freshman Team.

Pictures from A. Krause, taken during the 2018 Spartan Camp.

July 7 on 7's at Legacy Stadium, 2018

CT Football Social '18

Thank you Kelly Florendo/ Fairway Lending for sponsoring us!!

Hog Wars at Rangeview High School, July 2018

7 on 7's at Thunder Ridge High School, June 2018

June Football Camp, 2018

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